Train Trip Back To Aleppo

Well, I’m back in Aleppo now. I got back yesterday afternoon after taking the train from Istanbul. That’s how I started my trip – 30 some-odd hours in a sleeping car. It was really pretty nice: air-conditioned, clean and a comfortable bed. I could even plug in my laptop and watch movies and stuff. Actually, there’s a lot of history associated with that train. Agatha Christie’s novel, “Murder on the Orient Express”, doesn’t start in Istanbul, or on the Orient Express. It actually opens on the platform at Aleppo next to the two sleeping cars of the Taurus Express bound for Istanbul. But my trip wasn’t quite that exciting. Thank goodness!


I know you guys get tired hearing about my travels. Let me just say that weather in Puerto de la Cruz on the Isle of Tenerife was delightfully cool; my friends in Segovia, Spain showed me a great time; Lake Guarda, Italy was refreshing and relaxing and the wine was so very good; Venice must be the most unique city in the world – what more can you say; and I really enjoyed seeing new sights and visiting with old friends in Belgrade.


But now I’m in Syria. Forget what you hear on the news. Everyone is calm and things are going on as usual. As long as the people continue to realize that there is a difference between Americans and the American government, I’m OK. I’ve learned that my favorite Middle Eastern city, Beirut, is not totally destroyed as I thought. The beautiful rebuilding that was done in the city proper is still intact. And here in Aleppo, you would never know that anything is wrong in Lebanon. But I will be careful and I am prepared to evacuate quickly if need be; but that’s that way you have to be anywhere in the world now-a-days. At least I don’t have to worry about evacuating because of a hurricane!


I’m sorry I didn’t see you all this summer. Soon, I will be starting a search for a new school for next year. I won’t know anything until around February, but I’ll be home next summer for sure. If it’s not too much trouble, I would love the hear what going on in your lives. I don’t care if you haven’t gone to Spain or Venice, tell me about your trip to Wal-Mart! I don’t have one here! A picture or two wouldn’t hurt either.


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