Moving to Aleppo

Well, Syria is quite a surprise.  I was told that the people were friendly and that you feel safer here than in the Unites States, but I wasn’t sure.  But what I was told wasn’t the whole truth.  The people here are VERY friendly and you feel VERY safe here.  If the country was located any other place in the world, the friendliness and safety would surprise you, but to be like that here in the Middle East is really a shock.



The apartment I have is enormous!  I have half of the second floor of this building and the picture doesn’t show how deep it goes.  But because it’s bigger that what the allotment allows for, I have to pay the difference. $160.00 a month!


I was lucky to go with the 9th and 10th graders on their week-long field trip touring Syria. I was able to see a lot. No, we didn’t travel by camel, but I did ride one in Palmyra. There was a lot to see.   


Of course, you know me, and it didn’t take me long to find some traveling companions and take off for Beirut to smoke a nargile (Turkish Pipe). Beirut is a beautiful city that is quite European.  That might be the next place I want to teach. 


So, I’ve been traveling and exploring Aleppo.  Oh, also I teach!  I teach 3 or 4 periods a day doing Information Technology (computer applications) and one IB class.  The kids are great – very polite and respectful. 


What a great life it is to be able to travel and live practically anywhere in the world.  You have got to get back on the international circuit.


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