Egyptian Vacation 2006

Well, I didn’t see King Tut, but I saw not only his tomb, but an entire floor at the Cairo Museum of the treasures taken out of his tiny tomb. It’s amazing it all fit in there!

We didn’t hear about the trouble in Egypt until we returned. I did notice armed guards, in uniform and in plain clothes, all over the place. I knew that the President of France was flying into town just minutes after we were scheduled to arrive. I saw the security for him at the airport and all around it but really, all the places we visited had heavy security.

The news said that 22 possible terrorists had been arrested in their home the day before we arrived. The bombing took place later. I’m afraid that this is going to be normal procedure now but still, we had no problems and no fears. It was a great vacation.

Gordana and I were met at the airport by a tour guide who took us to our hotel near Giza. The room had been upgraded to a suite and we was given VIP treatment because the owner of the hotel was the brother-in-law of my Armenian travel agent here in Aleppo. The next morning Gordana and I were met by the tour guide again and taken to the Museum and later to the Pyramids. I couldn’t take pictures at the Museum but I have included some from the Pyramids. My guide book says that if you spend just one minute at each exhibit in the Cairo Museum that it will take you nine months to see everything. We scurried along.

The next morning we were again met by the guide and taken back to the airport for the short flight to Luxor. We were met again and taking to the ship. I never had to take a taxi or figure out how to get anyplace. On the ship we met the guide who would stay with us the entire 5 days. Every time we got off the ship, he had made arrangements for our transportation and tickets and went with just the two of us for a private tour.

By chance, we were seated for dinner on the ship with a couple from Florida named Kamel and Nuhad Farmard. I asked where they were from and they said Jacksonville! She was originally from Bethlehem and he from somewhere in Palestine I think, but they have lived in Jacksonville for many years and have grown children there. They are friends with Jason from The Casbar restaurant and live in Mandarin. It was amazing seeing someone from Jacksonville on a Nile River cruise.


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