Getting a Job in Kingston

Thank you, those of you (and your identity will remain nameless) who write me occasionally. I love getting news about what’s going on in your lives even if you think it’s not worth writing about. I know I write about some exciting places I visit, but it’s just locations. It’s not family.


Well, one of the “locations” I just returned from was a 5-day workshop in Cairo. Had a great time. There were about 10 of us from our school who traveled together. One thing about teaching overseas is that the teacher workshops are held in some great places.


But now it’s time to find a new school to go to. The way it works is that about this time of year, international teachers have to tell the administration if they will be returning for the next school year. When the administrator knows about a vacancy, they post it on a few of the recruiting websites. In the meantime, teachers, like me, who know that they are looking for a new position, register on these recruiting websites. I’m registered and I can see the vacancies as they become available.


I contacted a very nice school in Switzerland but they are afraid of my age. There’s a good paying job in Prague in the Czech Republic but I haven’t heard back from them, yet. I did hear back from an administrator who is interested in interviewing me for a teaching position in a school in Kingston, Jamaica.


I don’t know about going to Jamaica. Do you realize that I am much safer here in Syria than I would be in Jamaica! From what I hear, they have a lot of problems there. Drugs, money laundering, gangs, hurricanes. It sounds too much like America to me. (Just kidding!) But I will probably write back and learn more about the situation. It would be nice being so close to home.


I could go back to Milan. I visited there while on a week vacation to Italy a couple of weeks ago. But Milan is very, very expensive for a single person paying all of the expenses. I would consider England, but it’s expensive, too. Anyway nothing has opened up there.


The part of the world where there are many high, very high, paying jobs is in China. But I’m just not excited about China. I did like Malaysia and Singapore when I visited there last Christmas, but those jobs are hard to get. There are jobs in South America but the pay is bad. The pay in Jamaica isn’t great, but I could live on it. Of course there are more jobs in the Middle East, but other than here in Aleppo, the only other Middle Eastern city I would want to live in is Beirut, but that may be pushing my luck a little. Lebanon is very unstable and no one knows what may happen there.


So the saga continues. It will probably be February, when the big recruiting fairs are held in London and Cambridge, Mass., that I will finally get a new job. I’ll have to pick one of the fairs and take some leave time to go there for a few days. I’m not looking forward to that and if I can get a good job without going to a fair, I will.  

I don’t like this suspense. I hate it as a matter of fact. It took me 16 years of teaching in Forrest City before I decided to move to Jacksonville. And I was in Jacksonville for 14 years before I left Florida. Moving is hard for me. But I guess I don’t get much sympathy from any of you. I do have it pretty nice being able to live all over the world. Still, I really do miss what you all have with your homes and families. Don’t take it for granted. You could lose it in a flash.


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